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When your car begins to fail, you don’t want to wait until the problem gets worse. At the first sign of trouble, bring it into Kelly Imports.  With our expertise, any mechanical issue your car is experiencing will be fixed accurately in a timely fashion.

It's hard finding a reliable auto mechanic that specializes in European, Asian, and other foreign vehicles. Rely on countless years of experience to accurately fix your foreign or domestic car.

We repair all types of cars, at competitive prices.





One key subsystem that powers your car is the electrical system, which runs on voltage generated by the battery and alternator working together. Many components such as the ignition system, headlights, wipers, stereo, lights, computers, sensors, etc. all rely on this system  Kelly Imports technicians are experienced in electrical service and updated in using the latest electrical diagnostic equipment to assess and repair such a complex and technical system.



The engine comprises most of the moving parts in your vehicle; accordingly there are many services that may be required to keep it operating properly. Over the life of your car you might expect to have any or all of the following repairs and if you do, Kelly Imports can resolve them.

·       Replace Timing Belt

·       Major/Minor Tune-Up

·       Fuel System Testing

·       Engine Repair / Replace

·       Transmission Service
·       Cylinder Head Repair



Drivers who prefer more control over their vehicles often prefer manual transmissions. However, clutch pedals wear out over time because of the friction built up while driving and changing gears. This inevitably creates clutch pedal problems.  Nobody does as much clutch service and clutch repair in mid-Michigan area as Kelly Imports.



Kelly Imports specializes in brakes and our mechanics will quickly determine the wear and tear of your brakes. Most brake systems on modern cars are computerized.  Our expertise covers everything from mechanical brakes to computerized brake controls.

For more than 38 years, Kelly Imports has provided exceptional service on Asian, European, Domestic, and Hybrid vehicles and has kept up with the ongoing changes in the automotive technology. 


The philosophy of good workmanship has helped make Kelly Imports a success in Jackson. For Kelly Osborne and his team, the way to provide good service is to listen to the vehicle owner and “always keep in mind their concerns."


Like the variety of auto brands we repair, which does include domestics, Kelly Imports maintenance services covers a broad range. Our highly-trained staff handles major or minor repairs and has the expertise to tackle problems with a vehicle’s electrical, suspension/steering, cooling, heating and air conditioning systems. We also do used car inspections, scheduled maintenance requirements and diagnostic check-ups.


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